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Find out the appropriate word in each case.

“Even after decades of independence it is disgraceful that we are yet to put our rural infrastructure in …(1)…. There are many types of infrastructure in the country. One is the basic infrastructure such as water supply, drainage, education etc. The other is for comfort such as excellent roads, high speed trains etc. We have not …(2)… on either. What is the problem? Is it lack of money or funds? It may not …(3)… be so. We simply do not know how to go about things. What we have done is that we have …(4)… a number of layers of decision making authorities and too …(5)… agencies and regulations. We must get a number of …(6)… to get anything done. We need leadership not only in politics but also in administration. We need definition of our objectives such as what we need, why we need, and when we need it. …(7)… important point is clarity of ideology. Lastly and most importantly identification of a right person for the job is …(8) …. What we need is systematic change. Leadership and commitment make all the …(9) … in getting things done. There has to be an appreciation that —(10)— in infrastructure delivers a force multiplier for the economy.”


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