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DIRECTION   (1-5):-   Study   the following  information carefully and  answer   the  questions   given  below. 

Eight persons P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W are sitting around a square table. Four of them sit at the corner and faces outside while four of them sit at the middle of the table and faces inside. Each of them got different pocket money. Those who sits at the corner got pocket money which is multiple of two while those who sit at the middle got pocket money which  is  multiple of  three. The one who  got 14 sits third to the right of U. Only two persons sit between the one who got 14 and the one who got 27. The one who got 22 is an immediate neighbor of the one who got 27. S sits second to the left  of the one who got 22. S does not get 14. Only three persons sit  between S and T. Only two persons sit between the one who get 18  and T. U does not get 18. R faces the one who get 33. V is an  immediate  neighbor of R.  P is neither an immediate  neighbor of V nor of U. One of them get 15 but he is not Q. Q does not get 22. The one who get 34 sits opposite to the one who get 46. T does not get 46.

Which of the following is true regarding U?


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