Important Sentence Improvement Questions



Directions(1-10): Which of the phrases (A), (B), (C), (D) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold to make the sentence grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is, mark (E) ie ‘No correction required’ as the answer.


1.  The Neo Club has been extendedfinancial and technical help to poor and deserving women.

has been extending

have been extending

is being extended

have been extended

No correction required


2.  Highly intelligent people seldom tolerate any ambiguity.

tolerate hardly any ambiguity

hardly tolerate ambiguous

tolerate any clarity whatsoever

hardly tolerate any lacuna

No correction required


3.  Being toiled fortwo hours, he sat down to take some rest.

Have toiled for

Had toiled for

Having to be toiled at

Having toiled for

No correction required


4.  Some people by naturally talk more than others.

by natural talk

naturally talk

nature by talking

naturally by talking

No correction required


5.   One of the basic choices we make in life is whether followingthe path of smart selfishness or try to avoid all problems.

while following

is whether to follow

is whether or not to follow

has been whether follow

No correction required


6.   Some people experienced life only if they aretotally at the mercy of their feelings.

experience life as if they are

experienced life as if they are

experiencing if only when they are

experience life when they were

No correction required


7.   Good-natured people have been suffered because oftheir politicking companions.

have suffering with

are suffered because of

are being suffered because of

may suffer because of

No correction required


8.   He must have behaved impolite and sufferbecause of that.

impolitely and suffer

impolitely and suffered

impolite and suffered

impolitely and have suffer

No correction required


9.    Because of his efficiency, the Director wanted him to work as his assistant.

wanted to him

wants him to be

wanted he to

wanted of him

No correction required


10.   Even less intelligent students can be succeededthrough hard work and perseverance.

get succession

be success

get success

be getting succeeded

No correction required



1–Option A   2–Option E  3– Option D 4—Option B  5— Option B  6–Option A   7— Option D  8.—Option B  9– Option E   10—Option C